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Oracle e-Business Suite 
optimization in 
internet holding



  • Oracle e-Business Suite (OEBS) usage optimization

  • Oracle DB & Options optimization


Big internet holding*

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A global internet holding requested help in the control and optimization of all of his Oracle products’ licensing, including E-Business Suite (OEBS), Database and its Options, Weblogic, Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence (Analytics). The company used E-Business Suite for e-services provided in multiple regions and supporting its partners.


The customer provides electronic services to aggregating partners distributed by industries and territories. The industries included: Transportation, pharmacy, food delivery, e-commerce, finance, travel, communication, digital content provision, among others.


For this e-services support, the customer used E-Business Suite applications to control the financial, procurement, and human resources information. The situation became challenging when the number of e-services and partners increased significantly and it became critical that we retain control over the software licensing cost. The project was complicated due to the E-Business Suite customizations, and usage of different license metrics, including application users and employees.

Solution provided

  • Usage assessment: Using our knowledge and experience, we evaluated the usage of Oracle products; including E-Business Suite (OEBS), Database and its Options, Weblogic, Hyperion and Oracle Business Intelligence (Analytics) as Oracle themselves would do, and we identified potential non-compliance.

  • OEBS clean up: We helped the customer to clean up the system according to Oracle's formal procedures - eliminated users, remapped them to only required modules, retrieved the unnecessary rights.

  • Usage optimization: Based on results of the assessment we provided recommendations to address the non compliance issues, in order to eliminate the financial risks.

  • OEBS mapping report: We created a "mapping report" to support the customer with customizations.

Quote from the Executive Director of Crisis Management

We express our gratitude to the team of the contractor for the successful implementation of the project and expert support during the Oracle licensing optimization procedure.

We would like to note the excellent organization of the process, prompt interaction and high quality of work performed, as well as the efficiency of the specialists of the contractor, who have unique expertise in the field of managing Oracle software assets.

Thanks to an integrated approach to project implementation, the assigned tasks were solved at a high professional level and with the most positive financial result.

Result for OEBS

  • Before the our work the cost of OEBS licenses, was over $88,5mm. After we carried out our service, it was reduced to $70mm, according to Oracle's price list.

  • Before the our work the shortfall of other Oracle products (Weblogic, Hyperion, BI) licenses, was over $8,4mm, after our audit it was nullified.

  • Built a strategy to reduce of the partner e-services licensing by half, see the numbers of use for OEBS modules Human Resources, Payroll, Time and Labor

Result for OEBS.PNG

Result for Database

  • Before the our work the cost of the Database and Options licenses, was over $255mm, after the work it became $166mm, according to Oracle's price list.

Result for Database.PNG

Total Result

  • The customer avoided costs in excess $12-14mm in real money for their Oracle products licensing.


Andrey Khodunov worked for Oracle for more than 15 years, 11 of them in Oracle License Management Services (LMS), an Oracle division that performs license audits and other software licensing services.

Performed hundreds of audits for large and small enterprises. Worked in different 
industries, regions and with multiple teams in Oracle and customers.

After Oracle Andrey worked as Director of software licensing in a large company from the financial sector where he obtained a deep understanding of internal customer processes and the place of software license management.

Over 30 years in IT. Professional certifications: ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, CSAM.

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* This document describes a real customer case. To protect sensitive customer's information all direct identifiers, e.g., name, location and other details of the project have been removed.

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