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15+ Years in Oracle


11+ Years in Oracle LMS


100+ Audits for Large Enterprises & SMB

I had been working in Oracle for more than 15 years. And 11 of them I worked in Oracle License Management Services (LMS), an Oracle division that performs license audits and similar services related to Oracle software licensing.

Among my experience there are more than hundred audits for large enterprises and hundreds for SMB. I worked in different industries, regions and with multiple teams in Oracle and customers. I perfectly know internal Oracle procedures in different departments and cross-divisions operations. I'm familiar with customer's processes including IT, legal, and procurement.


After Oracle I used to work as a Director of software licensing in a huge company from the financial sector. It allowed me to obtain a deep understanding of internal customer processes and the place of software license management in it.

In my work I used knowledge and methodologies that I got during my long journey in IT - over 30 years. All this, including ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, CSAM, I successfully apply in license management projects that allow me and my team to lead projects according to the highest standards of project management.


Software licensing is a mixture between legal and technical stuff. It is not enough to know the license rules and how to technically measure the software use. It is also necessary to know contracts, what rights they provide and what are the limitations. Besides this, it is necessary to have wide experience watching how this dynamically develops - what will be customer's requirements in 1-2-3 years, what will be Oracle's influence to the market and approximate how these match.


This experience allows me to "play on vendor's field" and lead my customers to the results they want, whether it is money saving, software use optimization or conclusion of contract which is beneficial for both, the vendor and the customer.

Sincerely yours,

Andrey Khodunov

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