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Working with Laptops


Unlimited License Agreement Certification (ULA)


One of the biggest mobile operators in the region came to me with a problem of ULA certification ...

Oracle e-Business Suite 
(OEBS) optimization in 
internet holding

Reviewing Reports at Desk

A global internet holding requested help in the control and optimization of all of his Oracle products’ ...

Oracle Database usage optimization in banking group

Financial Advisor

A renowned European banking group* requested a database usage assessment, to allow them ...

Oracle Database optimization in financial broker

Oracle e-Business Suite (OEBS) optimization for metallurgical company

Oracle Siebel assessment

Image by Campaign Creators

An international bank and financial broker based in the UK* requested a database usage assessment ...

Remote Working

One of the largest metallurgical companies in the region requested help in optimization of Oracle ...

Working on Computer

One of the biggest international telecom providers experienced difficulties, though the ULA ...

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