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Oracle Database optimization in financial broker



  • Oracle Database usage assessment

  • Oracle Database usage optimization

  • Virtual infrastructure isolation

  • Contractual support


International financial broker *

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An international bank and financial broker based in the UK* requested a database usage assessment after receiving a notification of the license audit from Oracle.


The customer used VMware infrastructure and needed help to assure full license coverage. This required isolation of VMware environment, according to Oracle rules, and ensure its contractual agreement with Oracle.


The customer used various license metrics in different environments i.e., banking and brokering. We were tasked with finding an optimal software licensing structure, in order to be compliant and create a roadmap for further development.

Solution provided

  • Usage assessment: Using our knowledge and experience, we conducted the same license audit for the customer as Oracle would do, identifying potential non-compliance.

  • Usage optimization: Based on the results of the assessment, we provided recommendation to address the non-compliance issues to maximize their Oracle assets as efficiently as possible.

  • VMware isolation: We helped the customer to develop, in agreement with Oracle, the VMware isolation strategy, including description of all the isolated VMware clusters.

  • Oracle licensing strategy: We planned software licensing within both the customer environments (for the banking and brokering elements) keeping ability for development and remaining compliant, and within their optimal investments in software licensing.

  • Contractual support: We supported the customer through the negotiation process, to ensure that the agreement fully covered the customer’s requirements.

Quote from the Head of Infrastructure and System Software Support Department

We would like to thank all the employees of the contractor who participated in the project for their professionalism and we highly appreciate the work done. We look forward to further cooperation in the sphere of the company’s IT infrastructure software licensing.

Result before the work

  • Before the our work, the cost of Oracle licenses was over $8,5mm. After we carried out our service, it was reduced to $750.000 according to Oracle’s price list.

Result after the work

  • The customer avoided costs of approximately $2,5-3mm in real money for Oracle software licensing.

  • Built a strategy to stay compliant with ability of further financial service development on their Oracle software.



Andrey Khodunov worked for Oracle for more than 15 years, 11 of them in Oracle License Management Services (LMS), an Oracle division that performs license audits and other software licensing services.

Performed hundreds of audits for large and small enterprises. Worked in different 
industries, regions and with multiple teams in Oracle and customers.

After Oracle Andrey worked as Director of software licensing in a large company from the financial sector where he obtained a deep understanding of internal customer processes and the place of software license management.

Over 30 years in IT. Professional certifications: ITIL, PRINCE2, PMP, CSAM.

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* This document describes a real customer case. To protect sensitive customer's information all direct identifiers, e.g., name, location and other details of the project have been removed.

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